About Us
The Writers
D. Bennett Nelson ~ Durrell is a graduate of the USC Master of Professional Writing Program and recipient of the prestigious Jerome Lawrence Award for playwriting. His credits as a SAG actor include JAG, X-FILES, AN AMERICAN CAROL, GENERAL HOSPITAL and MELROSE PLACE. Durrell’s passion is that all children who languish in the Foster Care system might have better lives though adoption into forever families. Durrell enjoys life in Virginia with his wife, Rebecca, as they raise their four young children, three of whom were adopted thru the CA Foster Care system.
Rebecca Rogers Nelson ~ Rebecca began her career as an actress in NYC.  She’s a SAG member with more than 50 national and regional commercials as well as TV and film roles to her credit. After a long stint in The Big Apple, Rebecca shifted focus to the other side of the camera with directing and writing taking career focus. She has written and directed several commercials. She’s written four full-length screenplays and is producing THE HOME GAME which she also wrote with her amazing husband, Durrell, with whom she has adopted three of her four beautiful children through the CA Foster Care system.
The Producers
Mike Kerouac ~  Mike is an ordained Anglican Priest, teacher, assistant baseball coach, and entrepreneur. He is also a visionary who wants to make huge changes in the world we live in. With his wife, Carolyn, and thru his children, he also has embraced kids from all over the continent in his home and teaching ministry. THE HOME GAME allows a longer reach with a message that is close to his heart, forever homes for children in need.
Carolyn Kerouac ~  Carolyn brings an entrepreneurial spirit, and a gift of caring for teenagers through their toughest years.  Her work in the computer and medical field has brought her through RemeCare, InformedCare, cellUcare, and now a passion for FosterCare thru this movie, THE HOME GAME.  Carolyn's "adopted" list has grown to over a dozen; she has lived in the Crozet, VA area for over 15 years while raising her extended family.
The Advisors
Tom Trigo  ~ Tom has been a Location Scout for over 25 years, having worked on movies with directors like Stephen Speilberg, Clint Eastwood, and Francis Ford Coppola.  He is currently the Location Manager for "To Have and to Hold", having recently finished "J. Edgar" and "Lincoln".  Tom is also based in Crozet, Virginia with his family, which is always open to young people in need.
Billy Wagner ~ "Billy the Kid" retired from major league baseball in 2010, is one of the few relief pitchers to accumulate a total of 400 or more saves in his baseball career.  Wagner was a natural born right handed person, but after breaking his arm twice as a young boy, he taught himself to throw baseballs using his left hand against the wall of a barn, then fielding the rebounds.  He retired to Crozet, VA for more family time.