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HITTING HOME, the novel, is a more expansive version of THE HOME GAME movie. In a novelization we are able to explore the backstory of the characters more thoroughly. It is a heart-felt story of how nine foster boys and a little girl named Grace, find a forever family.


We wrote THE HOME GAME script because of our personal experience of adopting through foster care. We were tired of how foster kids are depicted in the media and wanted to do a project which shows foster kids the way they really are. HITTING HOME is a narrative, but the characters are raw, real and adapted from actual children we have met thorough our adoption community.

The Novelization of THE HOME GAME movie will be written by Durrell Nelson, screenwriter, and Andy Straka, National Best Selling Author with funds raised by crowd funding.  The Producers are so excited about this project, to promote even further the message of adopting from our own foster care system, these lovable children who are in need.
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Promoting Foster Children as lovable, precious children in need of forever
homes, this video was created to educate everyone of the need for adoption in our own back yard.  The Home Game movie was written from the heart, by a couple who have adopted three children thru the Foster Care System in California